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                                  Brake Service

Front pads on new one used to show the difference
Front brake pad one new one used look at the difference

The first thing to do is think safety always support the car with jack stands when having to remove any wheel. Then lets say you are doing a front brake job I recommend removing both front wheels first then only remove brake components on one side then reassemble that side before moving to the other side. Why do this because if you forget how to install a brake component you have the other side to look at, remember the front brakes left and right are mirror images of each other. In this picture you can see a new and used front brake pad.

Brake Service Products
Use 80 grit sand paper and anti seize when servicing brakes

Some products I use that seem to do a great long term job.  The anti seize is great and I will be showing how to service the brakes in a upcoming YouTube video.